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You can order Mosaïque Magazine giving your Name, Surname, shipping address and mail address

by writing: Mosaïque Magazine 10 Payssials le Bas, Avenue Lanza Del Vasto 34700 LODEVE,  FRANCE

by mail: mosaique.magazine@orange .fr



For an issueFrance: 14,50 € – Europe: 16 € – Rest of the world: 17 €

Subscription (two issues spanning one year):

for residents of France: 29 € – for Europe 32 € - for any other country 34 € 

Transport costs included


You can pay

  • by bank transfer (Account No Mosaïque Magazine will be sent via email)
  • by Paypal (You will receive an email from Paypal, free for the buyer)
  • by Credit Card (Send an email at mosaique.magazine@orange.fr and you will receive a secure link)