Editorial aims

Mosaïque Magazine’s aims are to explore mosaic Art in all its forms. Mosaïque Magazine intends to shine a light on mosaic art within the context of contemporary art, and to focus on artists who have chosen mosaic language for their artistic expression, thereby increasing their visibility and exposure.
Mosaïque Magazine is published with the approval of an artistic advisory board made up of people who come from the art world: artists, art critics, exhibition curators and organizers. Mosaïque Magazine is committed to convey information using high quality means with a particular care towards graphics and illustrations.
Mosaïque Magazine is located in France, and from this point of origin proposes explorations in the world of art of Europe and everywhere else in the world.
Mosaïque Magazine imparts information coming from associations and groups that operate in the world of mosaic art, and develops partnerships with these associations. It helps spread the word of those whose aims are similar to its own.
Mosaïque Magazine is a partner of Maison de la Mosaïque Contemporaine in Paray-le-Monial, of niArt Gallery in Ravenne, of events like the Rencontres Internationales in Chartres.
Mosaïque Magazine is curator of some contemporary mosaic exhibitions.