A passionate team of specialists

Mosaïque magazine

was created in 2010. Its head office is located in Montpellier, FRANCE.

Its aim is the promotion of contemporary mosaic within the context of contemporary art.

Mosaïque magazine relies on the work of contributors from the field of Art and mosaic: artists, curators, art critics, photographers, teachers, and writers, all of them passionate about mosaic art.


Publishing director

Renée Malaval


Gilles Antoine


Artistic Advisory Board

Mosaique Magazine is published with the approval of an artistic advisory team :

Gérard Brand, artist, lives and works in Obernai in Alsace (France)

Enzo Tinarelli, artist and professor at the Fine Arts School in Carrara (Italy)

Joël Barguil, artist, lives in Paris, Contemporary Art Centre in Ventenac, Aude (France)

Felice Nittolo, artist and Art Director of niArt Gallery, lives and works in Ravenna (Italy)

Luca Barberini, artist. Lives and works in Ravenna where he founded Kokomosaico studio (Italy)

Marcelo de Melo, artist. Lives and works in Amsterdam. He defended a PhD about Mosaic

Verdiano Marzi, Master Mosaicist and artist trained in Ravenna, lives in France

Rosetta Berardi, artist, Vice-President of the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists (AIMC)

Dott.ssa Linda Kniffitz, head of the International Centre for Mosaic documentation in Ravenna, MAR and Classence Library


Regulars Contributors for the Editorial Team

Luca Maggio, Curator and art critic

Daniele Torcellini, Curator, art critic, professor at the Fine Arts Academy in Genoa (Italy)

Paolo Sacchini, Professor of contemporary art history at the Academy of Fine Arts “SantaGiulia” in Brescia (Italy)

Patrick Macquaire, Director of Rencontres Internationales of Chartres

Maria Rita Bentini, Professor of contemporary art history at the Fine Arts School in Bologna and Ravenna

Dott.ssa Danila Venuto, Professor at the Friuli Mosaic School in Spilimbergo (Italy)

Anna Siclari (Paris), specialist of Street art

Anne Giral (Paris), specialist of Street art

Sylvie Gerland, editorial secretary


Vincent Moreux

Graphic designer

Lorène Herrero

English Edition

Translation Sophie Drouin and Brigitte Raison, directed by Sophie Drouin

Mosaïque magazine’s  Regular World Correspondents:

Sophie Drouin in Canada,, Toyoharu Kii in Japan,
Nancie Mills Pipgras in the USA, Rachel Bremner in Australia
Britta Kuth in Germany, Jean-Christophe Duperron in Belgium, Snezana Vujnov in Serbia

Social media

Charlotte Giral

Printed by Corlet Printers

Yves Lanuel is Mosaïque magazine’s correspondent in Condé in Normandy, France

Regular sponsors

Championnet Carrelage (Paris), AIMC